Welcome To Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction!

This is both a start, and a continuation of a journey. Most of us have been writing Fan Fiction both about Tom, and others for a long time. We have also spent an even longer time reading it. We wanted a place where we could post, but also get feedback on our works. With one of us, Odogoo, having a love of website building we first started out having all our Fan Fiction at WWW.TeamAONN.Com which it will still be at. But we also wanted a place that was focused on Tom Hiddleston as the majority of the work posted currently on the site is dedicated to that fabulous man.

It is with this thought, and these needs that we came to the conclusion that we expand TeamAONN, and branch out to make a section, and full website dedicated to Fan Fiction about Tom Hiddleston. While the site is rough around the edges as it is still in the Beta stages. We hope that each of you who visits finds joy in reading the stories that we have written, and will write about this amazing man.