Special Message From Odogoo

Hello to all our readers. I am Odogoo, not only one of the main writers on the site, but also the site Admin. I am here to publicly apologize, for the lack of updates, our announcements on the website over the past year. This falls on me, as I am the one that updates the site. I am here to say that Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction is still here, it has not been forgotten, and to touch base with all our readers.

First I would like to thank everyone who even to this day comes to this site. I know people due, as I am able to view if people are coming to the site. It is why even with the hardships the world has been going through over the past year, I have assured the site has remained up, even if it has not been updated. I have wanted to provide updates to so many of my projects, and have been in contact with two of our authors, both members of TeamAONN as well. Due to a number of real life issues, both involving, and not involving the COVID epidemic, among other factors we each have been unable to provide updates to all of you.

I say this, not as an excuse, but to let you all know what is going on. Also to let you know that this site, and its projects have not been forgotten about. Finding that people still come back, or discover these stories that we have put ourselves into, means the world as writers, and creators. For this reason I am writing to provide everyone a small update, and good news.

Our writer Nova, for Hiddlesmonth 2021 has submitted for it the 3rd, and finally chapter for his Loki Fan Fiction “Getting Everything That You Want.” This will be up later today! We hope you enjoy finally getting an ending to that wonderful story. I have also reached out to Sil, the author of “Dancing Fool,” and “Learning Curve,” to get an update. Unfortunately due to real life obligations, I am unable to provide any update on those stories, or when they will be updated.

I do have and update on “Special Birthday Surprise,” which is written by myself. As announced in our TeamAONN Hiddlesmonth video, a new chapter will be released by the end of the month. I am still proof reading it, and will be getting it out ASAP, but before March starts.

Again I want to thank each of our readers, and hope that 2021 allows for more stories to be continued, and told this year. Stay safe, and keep reading.

~ Odogoo