Raven Girl – Chapter 1

Summary: …As she lay dying on the cold palace floor she knew. She had made the right choice…

By L. Griffioen

Loki X OC      |     Tom Hiddleston Loki     |     ​Adult Themes

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A Loki Story - Chapter 1​

When Ara had been just ten years old, a tragedy struck. The first tragedy of a life filled with them. Her father had been Captain of the guard of the All-Father. A well respected man and soldier who had fought many wars, and despite all those dangers had been raising his young daughter alone after he had lost her mother in illness. It had come so sudden that not even Asgard’s greatest healers could save her. Ara had never known her. She died when Ara was just an infant. But Henrik never blamed his child. No he fought to keep her safe and protected.

As the daughter of Captain Henrik she was raised alongside the young princes of Asgard. Not that they paid her much mind. Both Prince Thor and Loki were at the age where they were pretending to fight Asgard’s greatest battles with wooden swords and shields, while Ara much preferred reading and helping the stable masters look after the horses and other animals.

Odin might never have given her much thought as well, if it not had been for her favourite animal. Odin’s ravens. While she had been told many times to stay clear of their cage, Ara couldn’t help but try.  Her hair almost as black as their feathers, her eyes just as curious. Odin admonished her the first few times. Not out of spite but his ravens were wild and dangerous.

But unable to keep the young girl from them, he decreed that Ara would be his raven girl. And only she was allowed to be near them. The bird skittish of her, would try and peck. But when they felt she was no threat they began to trust her more. Even eating from her hand.

It was precisely there, surrounded by her birds that she had been given the news. Her father had been riding on a hunt with Odin, and some of his men when his horse had become spooked, it had thrown Henrik from him and he had hit his head on a boulder. Death was almost immediate.

Ara had gone into mourning. For weeks she would not go anywhere but to her birds. They gave her strength. Someone to talk to. Odin allowed her to remain in the palace. She would live in her father’s house, and would continue helping tend to the animals.

Ara slowly grew and transformed into a beautiful young woman. Her hair still raven black, her eyes a warm brown. Slender and petite she caught the eye of the soldiers and at times also the elder of the two princes. Thor’s thoughts on the young girl had changed. And while he knew they could never be. Her with no title or riches to her name, had tried to court her. She would always smile and bow, “Oh my Prince. It will never be, but you’ll always have an ally in me.”

In truth there had been one she hoped would come to call on her. But he never did. Even when the decades passed. Even when Odin had granted her a Golden Apple. Giving her near immortal life. But she understood. He had tried to love, but when even Sigyn had been taken from him he had given up. Or so she thought. Loki had indeed noticed her. And while he didn’t understand why his heart would do this again, he felt warmth for her. Warmth that turned into fire, a fire that would tear him apart.

He found her one morning sitting reading near Odin’s ravens. It was a favourite book of her. Two lovers kept apart by cruel fate. In the day time he was man and at night he was a wolf. In the day she was a hawk and in the night a maiden. Their only moment together was at dusk and dawn. Wrapped in each other’s arms, praying the witch that had cursed them would show mercy. But she never did.

“Every week you read this book. You know how it ends, you know it ends in heartbreak. Why torture yourself?” Loki asked of her. Ara looked up and smiled. “Perhaps, but I so enjoy reading the parts where they are together and happy. Even if but a few hours.”

The young prince sat himself down beside her. Looking over her shoulder as she read. This continued on. First quietly listening, then his hand moved into hers, helping her turn a page. Listening to her voice. This progressed in his head on her lap. Soon after the book was forgotten, they needed just their company.

Odin of course saw all. He had watched them for some time now. Jealousy set in. He was not sure why. His loved his Frigga until Ragnarok and beyond. But Ara belonged to him. And he would not risk anyone taking her from him. Not even his own son. He watched one spring morning Loki and Ara kiss.

Frigga had felt her husband’s anger and hurried to his side. Fearing someone was hurting him, her children. He pointed in silent anger to the balcony. “There… Below.” He spat. Curious what would have made him angry, she walked out and saw, Frigga smiling.

“Husband. We knew this could happen. They have grown together. This is good news. Do not be angered.” Odin growled. “She is mine! I will not have this!” Even Freija, the Goddess of love tried to help. “This is the purest form sire. They are happy.”

She knew it risky to oppose the All-Father, but she had no choice. Her entire being revolved around love. Love on all of the nine realms. But Odin would not have it. His word was law. And as long as he did not sleep, he would do everything in his power to keep the lovers apart. Everything.

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