Happy Holidays Series: Rabbit Games – Chapter 2 Part 2

Tom, an egg, and the god of mischief, Loki himself... what could go wrong?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X Loki Fan Fiction
Warnings - Loki is Kinky Expect Everything Read At Your Own Risk

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~ April 2 2018 Continued~

“So I shouldn’t warn you that the added benefit of this spell is that you may for once be able to keep up with my libido as you now have one of an over grown rabbit?” Did Tom just hear his lover right! He should be mad, he would be mad. But all his mind was filled with right now is a need for his lover to fill him up, and give him a release.

“Loki,” he whimpered as Loki continued to manipulate his tail enjoying seeing his lovers reaction. Tom’s cock impossibly hard, and leaking pre cum. Loki was sure he could make him cum just by the stimulation to his tail alone. Long minutes spent doing that as Tom was helplessly bent over the giant egg whimpering. Tom knew if he reached for his cock Loki would just take longer, but fuck this was torture! Pure, pleasurable torture, and Loki was eating it up.

Tom grinding at this point against the egg, the purple tip of his weeping cock rubbing against it, and his stomach. What sweet, sweet torture his lover gives him. He knew his lover enjoyed it. An when his head was clearer. After a very hard release. He knew he loved it too.

“Such a nice hole you have my love. Look at it. Pleading for some attention.” He squeezed Tom’s tail causing another full body chain twitch, and a moan. “You have a good hole. Too bad it’s owner is such a bad boy who needs punishment.” Loki adds taking his thumb an pressing the pad at the hole, as one would do to a button.

The simple touch cause Tom to let out a very loud grown, an thrusted back. It seeming like his nerve ends are on fire from any stimulation. Loki knew this, and he was in his glory. He loved his little Midgardian pet. He wanted him to feel good. That made him feel good too. An he was going to make his pet feel very, very good, an remind him who his partner was.

He lazily started to rub the hole in a very small circle. “I was so lonely as I watched you with your family without a thought, or feel for me yesterday.”

Tom’s head was cloudy, very cloudy from what his lover was doing; but that… that couldn’t stand. No matter how horny he was. How good it felt. “That is a lie!” Him letting out a whimper when Loki pressed at his hole again.

“Oh? Well I have also been called the god of lies too.” He said not stopping what he was doing.

Tom’s hole clinched and relaxed over an over as if he was taking thrusts, an he wasn’t even entered yet. But he fought it. He would tell Loki he was wrong. “I kept thinking, an wishes that you were there. Even if they didn’t know who you really were. I wanted you to be there, you are my family too, Loki! OH!”

The more passionate he got through that, the harder Loki worked his tale. He was honestly well aware of what went through Tom’s mind. He would never tell him that, but he did. It did his ego good though to hear Tom speak so passionately about something that didn’t involve sex, but still involved him.

“I am sorry Tom. I have found letting mortal’s know of me as a bad thing. Please understand.” He said letting go of his tail, an moving the hand to rub his lower back.

Tom took a deep breath. He believed him. He never used that tone, when he lied. Even when it was a playful lie. “I just want to share with the world, the person who is my world.” He said relaxing, and calming a bit feeling the light circle motion he was making on his lower back.

“I know Tom, you are passionate. One of your best qualities, but understand… I am with you in spirit.” He said keeping his hand there a moment move before sliding it back down, and gripping Tom’s tail again. This time a bit hard. This reminding Tom that yes he was naked, he was horny, and he was in a very vulnerable spot.

“Loki!” He shouted, feeling the grip not relax, like it was before, but getting harder. This causing his cock to strain up tapping his stomach. He put his head down on his forearm which was resting on the egg. “Loki.” He forced out weak.

Loki ignored him, knowing his little bun bun would thank him in a moment. Him getting a devilish grin on his face seeing that Tom was losing the ability to stand the harder he squeezed. He knew it wasn’t hurting him, well besides making him go sexually mad. Only when his legs quivered, an he started slumping down did he do something.

Well he did have to wait of course. His ass was too high before! Loki, in one sweet motion with a light bit of magic heard a defeated grown as Tom slipped down, turned into hot gasp as he felt cool lube also –shoot- into him. It was a bit of lubrication magic. He would have registered it, if a moment later he wasn’t taking Loki to the hilt hearing. “No up you go, and stay boy. We want this egg to keep warm.”

~ To Be Continued ~

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