Happy Holidays Series: Rabbit Games – Chapter 2 Part 1

What a weird Easter.  It was good to be home, or was it?  It isn't wise to displease some.

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X Loki Fan Fiction
Warnings - Loki is Kinky Expect Everything Read At Your Own Risk

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~ April 2 2018 ~

Tom woke up, happy and warm. Pleased to not hear a harsh rapping on his window like the morning before. He smiled and stretched. Such a horrible dream he had last night. His bottom part of his house covered in tall grass. As if that could really happen. As he got to the top of his head he felt fur, damn it, he had trained Bobby to not sleep on his head he grumbled sitting up. As he did he sees that Bobby is at the foot of his bed, and has he turns he fines no fur on his pillow.


Ugh, he thought. He needs to have a shower, and the run he missed yesterday. He got out of bed, pulling off his boxers. The house still sounding empty besides Bobby who hopped off the bed when Tom got off of it. He went to the bathroom turning on the shower and getting in. The water feeling amazing on his body until two heavy things hit him in the face. "What the bloody hell." He said thinking the towel had fallen from where he hung it on the shower bar. He reaching for it feeling muscles twitch. He jumps out of his skin, and slips barely catching himself.


He pulls back the shower curtain going to the mirror wiping it off with his hand to try and see what was on his head. His eyes go wide in shock as he sees them. Two big, now every wet ears on the top of his head. He lets out a low growl, before yelling. "Where the hell are you!" When he gets no answer he storms out of the bathroom not caring he was soaking wet, and buck naked. "Out with you, I know you are here! Show yourself." He said looking down the stairs and seeing indeed that the grass wasn't a dream.


He goes down to it, when he doesn't find anyone upstairs. "Stop this now." He said feeling the ears, seeing if they were glued, but indeed they were not. They were real bunny ears on his head. He looked out at the grass like mini field that was now his first floor as he stood at the bottom of his stairs. He had, had enough yelling out," Loki show yourself now!"


To this he heard chuckling," Oh only now do you remember to say my name little bunny." Well now he could hear him, but still couldn't see him. He sees Bobby bounding into the grass happily barking. "Oh hello such a good boy." He could hear Loki saying following where he saw the grass moving.


He moved though the tall grass, it a bit harder when he was naked, but eventually getting to where the rustling and happy sounds of Bobby came from.  “Oh look Bobby, Daddy has decided to join us, so nice of him.”  Loki said as he was sitting next to a giant egg.


“Loki stop this now.  None of this is funny.  What have you done to the house, what have you done to me!  Have you been here this whole bloody time?!”  Tom demanded looking at the Norse God of Mischief.


Loki ignored the loud sounds Tom was making as he tended to the egg.  This seeming to fuel Tom’s fire even more.  “Are you even listening to me?”  Tom demanded.


“Do lower your voice, we do not want this hatching prematurely now do we Bobby?”  Bobby barking in agreement.  This causing Loki to smile.  Tom opens his mouth to say something, but is cut off as he feels his lover grab his cock.  “Besides at least one part of you seems to love the tall grass.”  To further his point he gave Tom’s cock a stroke, it throbbing in his hand.  Tom looking down at it.  In his hast he had not noticed that his cock had gotten hard from the rustling and stimulation of the grass.


Tom sighed looking into Loki’s piercing green eyes.  “I woke up alone yesterday.”  He started, trying to hide the pain in his voice.


“You were going to visit your family, on my day you were going to leave me to visit them.”  Loki said not removing his hand from Tom’s cock.


“I was hoping to introduce you to them,” Tom said before a moan escape his lips.


“I was there, but I never agreed to meet them.”  Loki said continuing to stroke his lover.  Loving how he could bend the strong man to his will at times by just simple touches.


“I wanted you to.  You mean a lot to me.”


Loki slowly stood, not removing his hand, but looking at Tom in his eyes.  “It was my day, mine.  You were meant to shower me with affection, not share your attentions with others.”


“It was Easter…”


“And?”  He asked this while giving the base of Tom’s cock an extra hard squeeze.  Tom hearing and feeling a pop.  His eyes go wide as his piercing blue eyes look into Loki’s green.  He sees that spark, the light upturn of the side of his mouth into a smile.


“What… what was that.”  Tom said not wanting to reach where he felt the pop.


“If this egg is to incubate it needs heat, and… I needed a handle.”


“Wha...” before Tom really knew that was happening Loki easily was moving him to lay on top of the egg.  The shell hard, and a feeling of other worldliness.


“Bobby be a good boy and go upstairs, there is a nice big steak up there for you.”  Loki said so the dog would not bother the two of them.  Tom trying to push himself up, until he felt Loki grab it.  He didn’t… he couldn’t… he wouldn’t… well apparently he would as he felt him grip his fluffy puff ball of a tail.


“Loki!”  Tom knew his lover was kinky.  It was one of the qualities he loved about him.  He also loved the surprising ways he would keep their love life ever changing and yet pleasurable.  He also knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, there was a trust there, but this was new.


Loki knew that tone, the tone of his lover wanting it, his body screamed it, but his mind needed a few extra moments to process.  He would allow it of course being the merciful God that he was.  All the while fondling his tail with one hand.  With a light wave of magic he vanished his cloths.  “If you want to stop you know the words, but I don’t think you will.  Your cock is begging for more, your whole body is too, the moment I gripped this soft puff of fur it has been begging.


Loki grinned more as Tom let out an involuntary moan.  “In fact your tight little hole won’t stop spasming.  I think he wants to be filled.”


“Loki don’t tease…”  Tom said gulping.  He didn’t know what was going on.  He felt different, he felt his extra set of bunny ears twitching, as they twitched his cock twitched.  As his cock twitched his balled contracted, as they contracted his asshole clinched.  At the end it all seeming to be encouraged and controlled by how his lover was manipulating his tail.


“So I shouldn’t warn you that the added benefit of this spell is that you may for once be able to keep up with my libido as you now have one of an over grown rabbit?”

~ To Be Continued ~