Fan Fiction Submissions Are Open!

Would you like to see your stories posted online? TomHiddlestonFanFiction.Com is currently welcoming submissions from outside writers. The fan fictions must be edited, ready to post, and include suggested tags or trigger warnings, plus a brief synopsis of the story. Please include if it will span multiple chapters or be a one-shot. For organizational purposes, also indicate main characters and relationships explored. If you are interested in joining our fan fiction community, leave your comment below.

5 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Submissions Are Open!”

    1. Are they already posted somewhere else? Or would this be the first place they would be posted? Also what is the best way we can contact you?

  1. I’ve written a couple of stories as well and would love to share them here. They have never been posted anywhere before – this is my first time writing fan fiction. If you’re interested, the best way to contact me is via email.

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