A Special Birthday Surprise

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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– Early Morning Feb. 9th –
It was Tom’s 37th birthday. He knew he didn’t want a party, if he did he would have gone to the 10 year Marvel party. No he wanted private time for once. He found it funny, as he was always up for parting. But this year he wanted a personal party. He also wouldn’t mind getting laid either. Although his regular booty call was out of country. He sighed at the thought of being alone as he ran his fingers though his scruff as he sat in his kitchen, and drank his morning tea.

Eventually it came to him the solution, after his second cup. It was an offer made by an older friend. At first he was sure it was a joke, that it was not real. His friend seemed a bit put off insisting it is quite the opposite. He pulled up his phone, and opened his contact list. It was worth a shot, worse case he gets laughed at for believing it for a second. He waits as it rings, hearing his friend eventually picking up, “Hello?”

You can do this Tom, he thought to himself, “Hi yeah it is Tom.”

“Tom! Great to hear from you, how are you lad?” Do it Tom, you need it.

“Pretty good enjoying a quiet birthday.” Tom said hearing him chuckle.

“Tom, you… quiet? I don’t believe it.” Tom agreeing with him, it was a new thing for him.

“Yeah don’t rub it in… I was wondering… remember a few months back you were telling about those very private call girls?” He said listening for possible laughing, but none came. Instead he heard his friend ask him to continue. “Yes well I was hoping to treat myself today, and the short my regular is out of country for now. Where you serious about how private, and anonymous it is?” He listens again and hears no laughter.

“So finally coming around. They have the most professional, sweet, and clean girls. They are protective of the girls, making sure they are treated right, but pretty much any type you want, any kink you want, they will find the right woman for you. You go in, for however long or short you want, and after it is as if nothing happen, besides you having a nice relaxing time. You really should treat yourself, they are pricy, but well worth it. There hasn’t been a leak in over 300 years.”

“You must be ribbing me on this.” Tom said and heard his friend sigh. “Sorry it just sounds too good to be true.”

“It isn’t talked about Tom, you are in a close circle. Can you keep quiet about it? It is my neck here.”

“Yeah, yeah of course! Thank you, how will I know where to go, what to do?” He said his mind racing a bit.

“I will contact them, they will contact you, they deal with cash, and you will need paper work saying you are clean you got that?”

“Yeah, yeah whatever is needed thank you!” Tom said grateful.

“And Tom?” His friend said.

“Yes?” Wondering what else he may need to know.

“Happy birthday mate!” Tom heard, before the sound was gone, the call ended him putting down his phone and looking out it. Was it really, real? Was he going to do this? He had to admit the way his friend boasted about it, it did sound very good for a single guy. Better than going to the pub, and picking up someone. Knowing his luck the only thing he would find was another one of his regulars waiting to snap a picture, or something on their phone.

– Late Morning Feb. 9th –
He had gotten contacted by his friend’s people. He was shocked one by the speediness, but two about the paperwork. They were completely professional, and seemed to be well in know of what had to be done. He had to fill out paperwork, as to what his preferences where, types, kinks, safe words, and anything down the list, including what he would be wanting, and when. He faxed them a copy of the paperwork showing he was clean as well.

In the end it took a good hour to fill everything out, but he had a date for tonight. He wasn’t sure what to expect, and honestly was too shy to ask. He did hope all of this was worth the trouble, he thought as he went upstairs to his walk in closet looking at his cloths. What even should he wear to this? He had written that he wanted a sub girl. Nothing too kinky, but he wanted to be in control, it being what he was used to. The one taking lead, calling shots.

He must have picked up, and put back half of his wardrobe before he settled on a more causal suit. A suit did always scream dom, and the thought of her removing it did seem nice. No tie, open neck button up. Yes this would do nicely. He looked down at his blue suit and smiled. It had seen him through a lot, and now would once more.

– Early Evening Feb. 9th –
He went to the address that was sent to him. He was nervous, but also excited. He had treated himself to an early steak dinner, and now would have a bit of some relaxation. They gave him the key, pointing to the book. Him looking at the key number, and scribbling his name, and the number down before going upstairs.

There where butterflies in his stomach as he went to the elevator, and road it up. Would the woman be there before him? What should he say? Will he just start fucking her? So many questions filled his head, he thought about running. It caught him off guard as the elevator came to a stop.

He smiled at the guard outside the door as he used his key to open the only suit on the floor. He felt a bit shy being seen, but he was assured that it meant no one who wasn’t meant to be there would. He looked around, it large, and beautiful. A person could quiet comfortably live in here. Did the woman live here? Stop Tom, he thought to himself as he lets out a, “Hello?” Now don’t sounding like a timid school kid, you are in control. He chastised himself. Almost grateful when he got no response back.

He may as well look around he thought. The place looked very clean. He felt so naughty looking through the place, it looks very comfortable. His mind turning around where, and how he would take this woman. The last place he scooped out was the bedroom.

As he looks around he smiles seeing the four post bed. That could be some fun, he though looking at the foot of the bed finding a large old oak chest. It looked carved, and beautiful. He knelt down, couldn’t hurt to have a peak could it?