A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 6

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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He wanted more, he wanted to experience anything, and everything that I could give. While it was different he felt his mind opened, and ready for whatever it would be. He stilled ready minded, and trying to relax his body. I hear him taking a deep inward breath. That breath catching as he feels the coolness of the lube. His mind telling him to relax, it is lube, she is taking care of you.

He focused on his body, what it was feeling. He felt me gently rubbing the cool feeling jelly around his hole, then a very light numbness there. Why was this happening? He looked down again, he saw me focusing on my work, feeling now pushing at his hole. His eyes going wide when I got my finger to slip inside his outer ring. I keep my finger still looking up at him. Why was he looking at my eyes like that? “Is mama’s boy ok?” I ask, seeing him nod, “Does he want more?” Again another nod to my question.

He was slowly breathing harder, and harder. I felt utterly in control as he lay on his back submitting to me. When I felt him relax I moved my finger a bit to see how he responded. It all but confirmed to me, he had never had anyone in his life give his hole attention. I took it slow, but I avoided thrusting, or touching his pleasure nub. Just getting him used to the idea that someone was inside of him.

Tom let his mind become blank of any preconceptions he ever had. Sure he had anal with a woman or two, but that was the other way around. It did help knowing that I was doing the same prep work that he would do for a girl, to get her ready for him. I knew what I was doing, and that built his confidence that he made the right decision to give his consent to me.

He felt me moving my finger. It felt good… very good. Why had he never tried this before? Even in self exploration, something he may dabble in privately later. For now thought, he sighed. Mama was good to him.

When I felt that he was ready I slowly pressed a second finger into his tight ring of muscles. I feel him hug my fingers. It wasn’t a tight shocked hug, but one that was happy to get another finger. He finally was relaxing good. He was still looking at me, but I ignored it. I wasn’t here to look at him. I was here to get a job done. It wasn’t about affection. If it was then I wouldn’t be here with a man who paid for me to be here. On his end, he wouldn’t of paid a girl to be with him. This was about getting his jollies in a way he couldn’t, or couldn’t find a partner to share it with.

I slowly start to scissor my fingers to start the process of stretching him knowing that the numbing lube had done its job. I just needed to stretch him out a bit so I could get down to the real business. I slowly felt his tight hole open. I was happy he didn’t want me to touch him orally. I would love nothing more but to do it, and taste the pre cum that was slowly returning to the tip of his cock… if this was a man that I had affection for. If we were sharing something special… but we weren’t. So gently loving kisses, and me sucking his cock where things I was happy I would not be doing tonight. He already turned me off with his lies. It was for the best. Why am I even thinking any of this? He is in my head. Why… maybe it was the lies. It had to be. His attitude, the way he carried himself. It all seemed opposite. I shake my head to try and clear it.

He sees me shake my head. Why, was something wrong? Should he be worried? I wasn’t looking at him… why wasn’t I looking at him? Why wasn’t I doing anything but fingering his hole. It was nice, but did not feel as intimate, and simulating as if I was doing more. Maybe I was making sure his hole was properly tended to, and wanting him to focus on it for now. That had to be it. He was wrong. We both where wrong, and yet neither of us could see it.