A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 5

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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He waited patiently as I slowly explored. He liked the feel of how I touched his balls. I wasn’t afraid of them, I didn’t make a comment of how big his cock was. He wasn’t sure if that was a blow to his ego, or a nice change of pace. He sometimes felt that women only got with him because he had a huge dick. He was paying me so it didn’t matter the size, but still it was nice for once not to hear it, even though he expected me to say it.

I pulled his balls up a bit, to have a look at that usually unexplored sweet patch between them, and his hole. I couldn’t tell if it was ever touched, or not by looks alone, but when I ran my fingers down it… the light jerk, and gasp told me he either never had someone do that, or that spot did a lot for him. Good to know when we work into teasing.

Tom’s eyes where wide, as he gasped. What was that?! Why did he want me to do it again? Please do it again. I didn’t stop my finger until it stopped at his hole. It looked like the guy at least knew how to fully wash himself, something I was grateful for. I feel the hole tighten and clinch the moment he felt me graze the outside, and jump a bit. I sigh inwardly… that was involuntary. I could read it from a mile away, and not the finally stimulation kind of way. The I never touched my ass hole, and neither has anyone else kind of way. To say I was getting very irritated was an understatement.

I had been the one to suggest the forms, they made sure the customers got exactly what they wanted. The right girl for the job, and made everything so much easier, and less clumsy. Especially for new girls, and first timers with any girl. But this guy… what the hell, what the actual hell. Well he is going to get what he wants, I will make sure he feels no pain from it, but he is going to get it.

I smile sweetly at him. “Oh this is nice little hole. Mama is going to fill it, and make you feel all better.”

If he was a bit clearer headed, he would see the light change in my demeanor. Right now he was trying to process his hole being touched like that, but he really didn’t have time to, as I touched it again. His body jumping again, but this time I was messaging the outside of it. He inhaled sharply from it. “You are going to be a good boy and let mama milk these big balls of yours right?” I say my free hand going to his balls and tugging on them a bit, this earning me a whimper.

I see him lay there transfixed on what I was doing. His eyes lustful, with a bit of innocence in them as I played with the outside of his hole. When he started to try and thrust his bottom half to get more stimulation I pull away. “No that is a bad boy, mama is setting the pace young man.” I tell him, but while it seemed like punishment it was really giving me a chance to lube up my fingers, now the real fun about to begin.