A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 3

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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He worked the crop in his hand. It was firm, good for spanking, and not so bad at teasing a girl, get her ready for him. He looked up as I came out smiling. He liked what he saw, rich leather, he was going to have fun breaking me.

I walk over to him looking up at him, unintimidated by his size. “So this is what you would like to start out with.” I say taking the crop from him. My ears twitching a bit when I hear his voice.

“What do you think that you are doing little lady?” Did he just? What was he playing at? Well this was different. I tend to try, and get an idea of who I will be servicing, but this… well maybe he likes to back talk.

“I am going to use the toy you selected me to use on you. Now if you are done being cheeky, on the bed with you.” I say, not budging looking at him. He looked taken a back. Maybe he hasn’t done this before. “Now go on.” I say moving my head to indicate to get a move on.

I go to the side of the bed looking at which toys made it to the top. I see a lot of different dildos, “You like to be a fully boy don’t you.” I say slipping the crop into the loop on my side, before getting into the bed with him. “It is ok, we will find one we both like.”

Tom was trying to process this. In him?! No, in me surely. When did I want him to flip this on me? Well this was new. “You must be mistaken. I am going to fill you up.”

“Oh and how are you playing to do that?” I say getting on top of him, and taking the ball gag he was looking at when I came in.

“You have a lot of different types of toys in there. Maybe tieing you to the bed. Putting that thing in your mouth as I play with your holes.” He said looking at me. So is that what he wanted? Weird way of putting it, but we can do it this way.

“That is a lovely idea sugar, let mama take of you.” I say pressing the ball part of the gag into his mouth and latching it. “You are going to be a good boy for me aren’t you? You just don’t know how to express yourself for me. It is ok, I got you, and I am going to make you feel so good. I pet the side of his head. “Now lay down so I can start making you feel good by getting these shorts off you. My hand going down and squeezing his hard cock through them.

He let out a moan feeling me touch his hardness. Maybe I was seriously going to dominate him. That would be something different. It was then that he made the decision that he wanted this. He could easily say no, tell me I wanted something else. But this may be once in a lifetime. This is something new. If he liked it great, something to try on a partner. If not, well he knew he wouldn’t want to try it.

He starts to comply with me. I get him completely naked. “Now that is my good boy. Now lay back, and let me make you feel good.” While he lays down I reach around my bed pulling the restrains and attaching them to his wrists. He looks at me, his eyes are soft and trusting. Well he played the part right, I think to myself. I don’t kiss him, that one of the big no nos on his list.

My right hand running down his body, stopping at his nipples. I give each a bit of a pinch, hearing a sound coming from him. It seeming I bought him by surprise. “Sensitive nipples big boy, or has no one else giving them the attention they need?” I say doing my actions again.

He lets out a moan again. His cock twitching as I play with his nipples. Fuck, well I was right, no one else has ever done that to his nipples, and damn did it feel good. He felt his cock starting to press out pre-cum form it, and he had barely don’t anything with me yet. At least I knew what I was doing he thought as I starting to move down, my palm flat against his belly, until I hit the base of his cock wrapping my fingers around it.

I give his cock a light tug, seeing more cum, coming out of the head. “Oh yes we are a happy boy.” I say as I work his cock a little before letting it fall and hit his flat stomach. “We are going to want to keep you nice and hard tonight. I have just the thing big boy.” I say letting go of his cock and going to the chest. I had this feeling that he may have talked a bigger game, then he could handle. While I was feeling his cock, I got a bit of a look at his back hole. It looked like it did not get action.

I have to dig a bit, the boy pulled out almost very dildo in this chest. I pull out one of my fav toys to use on first timers. While his file said he wasn’t, I think this will at least help us transition into a proper toy. It would also be easy for him to take, and help relax his hole a bit. It was a plug with a curve, and attached to it where two rings. All of it made of a forgiving plastic. The ring closest to the plug was bigger, and more yielding for the wearer’s balls. The smaller, less forgiving one, a cock ring.

This should help keep him hard, and bothered while I work him over. I feel his eyes on me, and seeing the toy. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. But was kind of happy I had not pulled out a dildo. He had never taken anything anally before, and he couldn’t help but also gulp when he got a closer look at it, as I walk to the night stand to pull out some lube. “Yes isn’t it nice? It will fill you up while we use this toy.” I say patting the crop. He looked at me, but he couldn’t speak. He was ready for something different but was he really ready for this?

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