A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 2

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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– Afternoon Feb. 9th –
I had gotten the call. A client wanted my services. I did what I always did, I get their file, read over their information, and formulated what would please the customer most. I did this while having tea, and taking down notes. It seemed pretty black, and white. A bit demanding, but most seemed to be that way.

Most of my tools where at my permeate room at the hotel. I dressed the part. Left it a bit causal, so not to get looks on the tube, or while walking around to bring attention to myself. I had a few hours, so I did what I always did before work. I showered, stretched, and medicated before leaving.

– Evening Feb. 9th –
I got to the hotel, the door man always friendly. Walking through the entry all up to the elevator. The elevator operator giving me a smile, and hitting the button already knowing my floor. I give him a nod before leaving to my room. I open my door, and kickoff my heals, putting down my bag. He is already here, I can see that by the shoes near the door. I have already been paid.

How is it legal, I don’t know, I don’t care. It isn’t my job to care, it is my job to assure I am clean, and please my client for the night, and keep him coming back. It probably doesn’t hurt that most of the politicians, lawyers, and high ups are in our beds. Oh the dirty things we could out them for, but we are taken care of well, so why would I ruin this. Besides sometimes the fucks where good.

My ears pick up the sound of my chest being open. We have a very naughty mouse tonight I think as I come into the room. I clear my throat. I see him turn to me. Before he opens his mouth I sternly say. “Young man what on earth are you doing.”

He looks at me confused, “I was just…”

“No don’t give me that lip young man. I go out for a short time, and come back to find you in mommy’s toys.”

Mommy? He thought, looking at me. He had pulled out a ball gag from the box it in his fingers. “I am afraid young lady you are mistaken.”

I look at him, from what I read on his file, I knew he would be hard to work with. I would make it work. “Don’t you young lady me.” I say walking over to him gently taking the ball gag from him. “Is this the toy you are so fascinated with? Maybe it will help me keep your lip in check.” I hold it up to him. “Open your mouth boy.”

Tom was in shock, he was never talked to by a partner like this before in his life. I was so dominate, and my tone, he did not know what came over him as he opened his mouth as i pressed the gag into his mouth. My fingers lightly touching his skin. He closed his eyes for a moment, i smelled amazing, and my fingertips did feel soft against his skin. He looked down at me.

“Now that is a good boy. Where you just curious what mommy had for us to play with tonight?” I say firm, but in a sweeter ton as I see him slowly comply and nod. I smile at him taking his hand and leading him to sit beside the bed, in front of the chest opening it again. “Well why don’t you have another peek while mommy gets dressed, and pick out a nice toy for us to you dear?”

Tom was not sure about this. This was not a sub girl, at least not what he thought it would be. Maybe I wanted him to play sub until the sex, and turn the tables. That would be different. I seemed different, and wondered why they had him fill so much stuff out, and this woman at least at first look is nothing like what he asked for. A bit more of a mix of a blond, and a red head, then the brown he asked for. A bit taller too, even though she did not stand that tall compared to him.

He looked at me as I walk to my lush walk in closet. I had hips too, at least if he does give me a hard fuck, he is confident he wouldn’t have to worry about if I could, or couldn’t take it. For how I was treating him, he would make sure I got his cock hard. He felt himself getting hard at the thought of punishing me for this. The question is how?

He opened the toy chest again. He had barely gotten thought it, when I had caught him. There was a myriad of different items. Different sized toys, with different textures, and some real feel, others glass, and other materials. He wondered which would make me squeal and beg for mercy. Beg for him to give me his cock. He picked up a few different ones to see how they felt in his hand. If they had a good grip on them. Wondering which one was my favorite, which one would cause me to whimper. He loved to make girls whimper. Just the thought of it, had him now fully hard.

He popped the button of his pants, and unzipped himself, after standing up to let the pants fall down. He really should have worn something that would let his cock breath. He rubbed his length a bit as he moved to the bed and look more at the toys.

He saw a ridding crop, whip, paddle, cock rings, and some things he wasn’t really sure what they were. The one thing he knew is that when I came out of that closet I was going to get it good.