A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 10

Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

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First I would remove the toy. That would give me time to think, come up with something. He may need a distraction as I do it, as I look down at his cock. Maybe it was for the best. His member was quiet large. I put my hand on his chest for a moment rubbing it. “You are a good boy telling your mistress what you want.” I say, trying to encourage him to be honest. I feel his chest rising and falling, and feel his heartbeat slow from its quickened pace.

He closes his eyes a moment enjoying the feel of my soft hand on his chest. He lets out even breaths as he does. He opens his eyes looking at me. He liked looking at me, I was quiet attractive to him. Maybe my hand on his chest would lead to gentler touches, and kisses. He had yet to kiss me.

He was doing it again, I could feel his eyes on me. They had a feeling of trying to look deep in me. It was unsettling, I think as help him move his legs down to me again. “Mama is going to take this completely off okay darling?” I say to him, letting him know what I was doing. This meant I had to look at him, look at those eyes again.

I had to make sure if I saw pain I could stop. He nods trusting me. It seemed like ages as I slowly worked it off. It didn’t hurt like he thought it would. I was just grateful it came off so easily. “There we go much better.” I smile at him.

He nods, he was happy I listened, but he wished he could speak. He was still hard, he wanted to touch me, kiss me. He wanted to do so much, he was ready to be in control. Ready to playfully punish me. He watches me as I leave the bed. He liked the look of my ass as I walked away. How he would love to spank it and see how it responded.

He wondered if I liked to be spanked. Wondered if I liked receiving anal touches, as much as I enjoyed giving them. He sees me put the toy on a far table, before going back to the foot of the bed and opening the chest.

I look through it, he really did rummage thought the thing. I had it a bit organized, but it seemed everything was everywhere now. If he were that type of client I would punish him, but I don’t think he could take that. It seemed I had to tone most things down. The large dildos I found at the top wouldn’t do either. Eyes bigger than his stomach, or in this case his backside. I tried to cool my temper, it was no time to be angry. I could be miffed when the job was done, and he was out of my sight.

I had pulled out a strap of leather. It was very soft, and gentle on the inside, on the outside it was adjustable, and would allow me to easily get it off after. “Well my little slut I know just the thing for you.” I hold it up with my index finger. “This , do think your big cock can fit in it?” My voice playful as I show him.

He looks at it. He never saw anything like it, him tilting his head. I see his confusion. “It is a cock ring, did you like the cock ring?”

He thinks about it, did he like it? It wasn’t bad, was different but not bad. Would he like to try another? He rolls it around in his head before nodding that he wanted it. Well we were getting somewhere at least. I walk to his side, my hand running long his leg until I meet his waist as I do. I feel him shiver, and hear a moan from that. Well at least he likes something. I look down,” You like staying nice and hard for mama.” I grip the base of his cock firm in my hand. He thrusts up into my hand, and I squeeze a bit harder. “Now, now, we had this talk before mister.” I swear I heard a whimper from him.

He didn’t know why being talked to in such a way was turning him on so much. He was the one that was always in control. That is what he was used to, that is what he liked. When he looked at me, he wanted this, but he also wanted so much more. He wanted to move forward. His eyes moving up, from where my hand was to my eyes. I take my other hand and slide it down his length until it hits his base. “See soft.”

Our eyes meet, he had a look of lust in them. He did like the feel, this one may work, we both think to ourselves. I tighten it so it is tight, but comfortable. “Better?” I raise a you better tell me it is eye brow. He looks happy, and I see him nod, good.

“That is good because it is going to be on you for some time.” I say as I pull out the crop. I hope he wouldn’t back down on this one. He looked very interested in it when I walked in on him.

He looks at the crop as I flex it a bit in my hands. He had wanted to use it on me, in me. His eyes looking at how it strained in my hands, flexing back when I gave it a bit of give. He felt like I was working him the same way. In a way I was. I look at him smiling,” Ready for more big boy?”

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