She – Chapter One: The Lost Prince

He was chained and forced to kneel before Lord Thanos. A boy with black disheveled hair, his garments were torn and dirty after his encounter with the shapeshifting species. The Chitauri wanted nothing more than to eat him, but Thanos wanted to know just why the boy was found on the Chitauri spawning grounds. Thanos would likely play with him before inventing a new way to take a life.

Written by: Volume
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A Loki Fan Fiction
Smut | NSFW

Chapter 1: Loki: The Lost Prince

“Such is the look of defeat on this boy’s face,” Thanos erupted. “Tell me, just what were you doing within the spawning grounds of the Chitauri?”

He clenched his jaw when he was called a boy. This one has a deep pride despite being forsaken. I watched his reply, “I am Prince Loki Odinson, the rightful ruler of Asgard.”

Was he telling the truth? I surmised that he himself did not know what truth was anymore. Thanos found Loki’s response entertaining. He laughed and the Chitauri cackled along with their leader. “Many claim to be rightful rulers,” Thanos said, “but the only rightful ruler is the one who wins. You did not win little prince.”

Thanos was right. In his cunning, he had acquired me and cast the scepter per my instruction. I had attempted to use my powers on him, but he was not one who could be persuaded. He promised me that I would be reunited with the other infinity stones. So we worked together, however, I had little choice in the matter. In the clutches of Thanos, I was a utilized tool and nothing more. I longed for the power to control, to possess, and to inspire.

It could have been worse, at least he didn't give me to his son, Ronan.

Loki was beaten. Not only by those who usurped his throne but by the one sentence uttered by Thanos. Bowing his head, he submitted to Thanos, but she sensed he would attempt to escape at the next chance. Relaying her suspicion to Thanos with the power of suggestion, Thanos nodded and considered for a moment. “Are you a fighter, Loki of Asgard?”

“I am proficient, but admittedly it is not my strong suit.”

“What, can you offer me?”

Loki considered this for a few moments before responding with one word, “Knowledge.”

Thanos repeated that word, intrigued by what this prince could provide. I felt a glimpse of hope. Finally, the opportunity I had been waiting for. Could this be her chance to gain reprieve of Thanos? I remained silent, not wanting Thanos to grow suspicious of my interest.

“I can lead you through secret channels between worlds. I know most of them intimately. I can deceive minds and bring you closer to your goals.” Loki’s appearance shifted into several people as he spoke. A large blonde man with a red cape, a dark-skinned man in gold, before returning to his former self. Thanos was stroking his chin, mildly impressed with the boy.

“Perhaps I can make use of you,” The hulking lord said as he leaned in his chair. “How well do you know the Terrans?”

“My people call it Midgard. I know the barbarians, but I would love to know them better.” A smile stretched across Loki’s face displaying a beautiful set of white teeth.

“They have something. Something I need. If you fetch it for me, you can be a ruler once more.”
I realized that my window was closing. Before Loki could accept, I put a thought of doubt into Thanos. What if he is lying? How can we trust him?

“This scepter has many powers, use it. Along with any other resources, you may need.” Thanos said before releasing his grasp.

Before he let go, Thanos gave me my instructions telepathically.
Keep him under your powers.

I felt myself being ferried to Loki by a gentle stream of energy, and just like that, I was in the hands of a mind I could manipulate.
I remained silent over the next few days. Wishing to learn all I could about my new companion to formulate the best way of luring him into her control. With Thanos, she made the mistake of attempting to control him so soon, an error she would not make with Loki. He inspected her carefully, aimed the tip of the scepter at random things, attempted to uncover enchantments.

He was a warlock of sorts. I also noticed that while Loki was perfectly comfortable with isolation, he was a profoundly lonely soul. What is the cause of your isolation?

I wanted to probe his mind but knew I would need to wait until he slept deeply enough that my presence was not detected. Loki was quite talented in his craft; I would need to find alternate ways to influence him. By the third day, Loki had formulated a plan for invading Midgard and would be presenting it to Thanos. Of course, he left me in his room while he presented, but when he returned pleased with himself, I assumed all went well.

Loki slept for the first time in several days. His sleep was deep enough that I could seek out his truths and observe his dreams. Wisps of blue energy emerged from the scepter. Swirling around his face as they caressed him before softly invading his mind. The surface of his conscience was molten tar. A slick black sea that appeared calm until it erupted with anger which sent ripples across the surface. I swirled above the sea and waited until I could find an opening to the lower level.

A scene played out on the tepid surface. I saw an image of the blonde man in the red cape. The same man Loki shifted into before Thanos. He was holding a Hammer and enjoying praise from an audience while Loki stood on the sidelines. An explosion of tar shot out from the sea before collapsing in on itself, I fell into the sea as it settled and sunk deeper into Loki’s psyche.

I found myself in a barren wasteland next. The ground was dusty and the air was arid. Looking up, I saw the sky was the same black oil sea from which I descended. Not wanting to disturb anything, my incorporeal body floated in the desert, waiting for Loki’s next thought. I heard a rumbling noise. In the distance, a tree burst from the ground. The branches already mature and strong, the tree was propelled upward and its exposed roots ripped through the ground before spreading its branches in nine different directions I heard a weary man’s voice, “only one of you can ascend to the throne. But both of you were born to be kings!”

Observing the tree more closely, I saw that the roots of the tree were frozen. A chill air seeped through the cracks of the infertile soil and I saw a means of furthering my descent. Following along the roots of the old tree, I glided into a deeper level of Loki’s mind. This one was a frozen trench where a baby frost giant lay abandoned on a rock crying desperately.

I understood now. Loki was denied kingship because he was adopted. Perhaps that was not the actual reason, but the recent discovery of his origins tore through his logic and his emotions led him like a stray dog on the scent of blood. It was time to make my move.

Taking the corporeal shape of a woman, I picked up the crying baby. Rocking it gently, I soothed the child. His red eyes glowed at me as I cooed at him. After a few minutes, Loki appeared before me as a man. His green tunic fully restored to its original spender. “Who are you?” He demanded, clearly angry with my intrusion.

“I heard the baby crying, so I came to its aid.”

He strutted towards her cautiously, but he was obviously attracted to the shape she had chosen. He appreciates the motherly instinct.

“Who are you?” He asked quietly but with a hint of threat.

“Thanos ordered me to help you,” I offered, “so now I am yours.”

His chin raised but his eyes still carried some admonition, “You are the scepter?”

“At your command.”
Loki had very little sense of caution. Once he was aware of who I was, he wanted to know everything I could do for him. He lacked the wisdom to ask the right questions which played to my benefit. Even as they spoke and planned his take-over, my powers worked. Insnaring his mind and faceting myself into every aspect of his being. His dreams of power and respect were becoming tainted with my desires. He did not question it because of his need for power. My power seemed such an easy trade.

His loneliness weakened him to the female guise I wore. He was aware that I was not actually a woman, that I was a magical stone and had no gender. It was my desires gave me sentience. He had not thought to question why I took such a feminine and alluring figure; he merely desired it. His eyes traced my every line and curve, entranced by the silk sheath I wore to represent modesty. The sheath only lured him more as he was compelled to see what was underneath.

Loki’s need for subjugation was his undoing. He desired my body out of the need to possess me. In his foolish mind, sex was symbolism for ownership. Loki had never had the willing command of another being, and the idea that a being so powerful was under his direct influence made his needs palatable.

Loki transformed the frozen mountainside to an open sea beneath a golden sky. They were now on a large boat with curved masts. A large bed with crisp white linen in the center of the boat.
“I thought the change of scenery would be more pleasant,” Loki indicated. Sitting on the edge of the bed. He patted gently on the bed, motioning for me to join him.

I did his bidding.

“Do you still wish to go over the plans to take over Midgard, or shall we take some leisure?” His smile beamed at me with the most mischievous intention.

Loki’s hand stroked my cheek sweetly while he looked into my eyes, “Only if you truly wish to.” There was something endearing about the desire for my consent.

I stood before him and guided his hands towards the straps of my gown. His fingers trembled slightly as he slipped the dress off my shoulders, exposing me fully. Cupping the curve of my breast with one hand, the fingertips of his other hand traced down to my slightly rounded belly.
Pausing suddenly, he looked up at me with uncertainty in his eyes. His lips quivered as he attempted to word his fear, but I halted such questions by kissing him deeply.

As long as you have me, you will never be lost again.

Breaking free of the kiss, I lay in the center of the bed, beckoning Loki to take me. His clothing vanished and his lithe build was nude before me. Lean muscles were framed by his large shoulders and collarbone. As his hips narrowed, a small trail of hair traveled from his bellybutton to his groin where his engorged penis waited eagerly. Loki was bracing me firmly as if he needed to re-establish himself after his moment of insecurity.

He kissed me roughly, with one hand tangled in my hair, another was holding me around the waist. His lips pulled away as he wanted another look. My breathing had quickened and my nipples were painfully erect. In case he was unable to see the desire in my eyes, I elevated her head towards him to reach for more kisses. He smiled cruelly as he pulled my head back to the bed by my hair. I felt his hand slip from around my waist to my hip where he began stroking.

Kissing and biting at my throat sent jolts of excitement throughout my body. I ached to be fulfilled when he pushed my leg flat against the bed to stroke the inner thigh. Teasing me with his touches that moved closer and closer to my opening. A moan escaped my lips and Loki relished the sound. His penis was poised for entrance but it was clear he enjoyed the torture that foreplay could become.

“Tell me again,” Loki demanded.

I knew he wanted some resistance, so I ignored his question and attempted to guide him inside.

He grinned and nibbled on my earlobe, “Come now, tell me again.”

Admittedly, the ache between my legs held more sway than I liked. “I am yours.”

Loki mercilessly plunged into me fully. I let out a scream and bucked against him. Loki’s pubic bone made contact with mine indicating he had fully immersed himself within me. He let out a gasp followed by a groan of pleasure. He needed to hold back for a moment otherwise, he would spend himself too soon. He caught his breath and regained his composure before he rocked into me again and again.

The muscles around my vagina coiled and I felt flush with heat while struggling against him. Loki was relentless. Pounding into me incessantly. I clawed at him and began whispering promises if my master would only allow my release.

In response, he abruptly dismounted despite my cry of protest and turned me over on my stomach. Pushing himself into me once again. He lay on top of me and locked his arms around my shoulders, fully barring me into place as he slowly and evenly humped into the wet mess between my legs.

I wriggled and kicked from underneath him, desperate for more contact, but he held my arms at the shoulders and I couldn’t reach to pleasure myself; it was no use. In my frustration, I cried out and Loki panted with desire. He stopped once more to steady himself, “say it again.”

Flustered by the lack of control, I had to remind myself who was truly in power. This is just an illusion, it is your illusion. Let him think he is in control.

I didn’t respond quick enough. Loki flipped me around, again, and with both hands, he raised my pelvis to his height and jammed himself into me while demanding that I answer him. His member thrust at the inner walls of my vagina causing my legs to shake as I thrashed my pelvis against his. Loki dropped me to the bed, he looked at me as I lay on the bed, inflamed with hunger for him.

He was fully on top of me once more but denied my pleas and the opening that awaited his return. Instead, he kissed me intensely, his tongue fucked my mouth and sent me into an uncharted frenzy. Pulling his mouth away, he grabbed a handful of hair and tugged at my scalp to expose my neck. Pitilessly, he mouthed and nibbled at the side of my throat before whispering, “say it again.”

“I belong to you.”

He moaned with pleasure. Repeating the question once more, my compliance came easily. “I belong to Loki.”

He plunged into me once more and thrust haphazardly as he prepared to climax. I wrapped my legs around his hips and let him fuck me with full abandon. I shouted, “I’m yours” until my own climax shook me to the core and all I could do is convulse and groan. Once he emptied, Loki collapsed on top of me in exhaustion.

I took this occasion to metastasize within his psyche, and to fully align my needs as his own. He would be compelled to heed my call and prioritize my needs. Loki would wield me, but in doing so I would be one step closer to being reconnected with the other stones at last. I stroked his hair affectionately for several minutes before dissolving from his conscience altogether. He would need his rest, We had a world to invade together.

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