Raven Girl – Chapter 3

Summary: …As she lay dying on the cold palace floor she knew. She had made the right choice…

By L. Griffioen

Loki X OC      |     Tom Hiddleston Loki     |     ​Adult Themes

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A Loki Story - Chapter 3

Sleipnir rode all night, until he found Loki. Kneeling down beside him he gently pushed Loki’s shoulder with his nose. Loki, distraught looked up. “Son…” He let out a ghostly smile and stood up. Patting Sleipnir’s flank. “Take me home.” He whispered in his ear as he sat on his back. The horse carefully stood up, and took the same path he took as he entered the maze.

Odin was pacing back and forth as he berated his stable master. “But All-Father! There was no way to detain him! No one but you or your son can. There was no time to collect you!” The man tried to reason. And Odin knew he was right. He dismissed the man and sat down.

“Not a word wife of mine.” He spoke, as he watched Frigga walking up to him. She only smiled, well at first. “Husband, it is not too late to repair this fault. You still can fix this.” Odin looked up at her. “No.”

Loki had whispered to Sleipnir as he rode back into the citadel to take him to his love. Sleipnir whinnied and rode to the raven garden and stopped. Panting from the speed he had ridden back. Kneeling down to allow Loki to dismount easy.

As he got off the horse Loki staggered backward seeing the new cage and the large black raven asleep in it. “It can’t be…” He whispered. Of all the things the All-Father had done, of all the deplorable things he had done. This?

Walking over to the cage he carefully picked the lock and opened it. Reaching in it he picked up the bird. Ara panicked at first, trying to flap her wings to escape. But seeing who it was she calmed. “Oh my own heart, what has he done to you?”

Loki carried her to the grass and sat her down before sitting down. His fingers gently stroking the ink black feathers. Seeing her move up into the touch. But soon she hung her head again, tears dropping onto the grass.

He swallowed hard and let one tear fall. “I will fix this. I will find a way for us to be together.” He bend down and kissed her as gently as he could. Her letting out soft sounds. They sat there quietly until the sun went down. Loki’s anger had lessened some. Hopeful of finding the cure for this.

Frigga stood on her balcony watched this interaction with her eldest son. Thor looked down. Admittedly he had been jealous of his brother, but he couldn’t believe his father had done this. And couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t undo this. It was clear that Ara and Loki loved each other.

In truth Odin didn’t understand it fully either. Why he felt such jealousy. But it would not happen. It could not and would not happen. He had underestimated Sleipnir’s loyalty to Loki. He would have to think of something, and fast Loki would find a cure sooner rather than later.

There were certain dark corners in Asgard that no one really wanted to visit. It was the place of thieves, robbers and other unsavoury characters. Dark deals could be made here. Deals with only one outcome. It was there in that smelly place, that Odin met with a palace guard. Quiet words were whispered back and forth and an exchange made.

It all happened so quick that the tavern owner who had come to bring their ale, arrived at an empty table. Shrugging his shoulders and returned to the bar, he had been paid, so he set the mug to his lips.

Once Odin had arrived back at the palace he walked to his garden. Opening the cage that held Ara. “Come my pretty bird. Enough is enough.” He carried her into the private sitting room. Setting her gently on the floor, he watched her a moment. Before speaking a different incantation than before. It almost sounded reverse.

Thick black smoke again circled over the floor and around the bird, but this time when it faded Ara lay on the floor. She opened her eyes and carefully looked around. She could see her hands, her arms, she could feel her long hair. She was human again.

Bewildered she looked at Odin. Distrusting as well. Was this a trick? Was this more punishment? Staying quiet she watched as he walked toward her and helped her back on her unsteady feet. “Sweet child. I have been wrong these many years. I should not have kept you from your love. I was being selfish. I will have Loki called and you no longer need to fear me.” Her sharp and intelligent eyes watched him.

“Are you in earnest? I can be with Loki? You will wed us?” Odin smiled and nodded. “If that is what your heart desires, then yes. I will wed you, and we’ll speak no longer of this.” Ara smiled and bowed a little.

Odin rung a chord in on the side of the room and almost immediately two guards entered. “Have Prince Loki brought to us. I have good news for him.” The two men nodded, turned on their heels and walked out of the room again.

It wasn’t long until they had returned. Along with Loki, who had been reading in the library for cures, had come Frigga and Thor. Odin inside swore. It was too late to change anything now. He had hoped it could have been done with just the three of them.

“You have news…” Loki spoke as he entered, the last word was almost a hush as he saw Ara. His Ara. His expression broke into pure joy as he ran forward and picked her up in his arms. Holding her tight in his arm, his face buried in her neck as they both spun around.

“Loki…” Was all she could whisper before she felt his mouth on hers for soul-searching kiss? All of the loss, the ache and love he felt for her was poured into that kiss. Frigga smiled at her husband and walked across the floor to his side. “You did well dearest.” She spoke.

For those brief moments all was right with the world. Loki held his love close against his chest. Whispering words of affection in her ear. She would listen and kiss him back. Even Thor, who years before had been jealous of his younger brother smiled. They were meant to be.  That made the following betrayal all the worse.

Odin with the tiniest nod of his head gave the sign to the palace guard who had been secreted by a curtain. The crossbow aimed at Loki. Odin was sure of his task. What qualms did he have for Loki? He after all did not come from his own loins. He was no son of his.

The guard took aim and fired the poison-filled arrow toward Loki’s back. No one saw it, but Ara heard it. Had it been her raven hearing still? She didn’t know, but she used all the strength in her body, to turn both Loki and herself around. The arrow striking her in her back. The arrow tip breaking and the poison filled her system.

Loki watched in horror as her body slipped from his arms onto the palace floor. Frigga screamed as Thor looked around. The guard fleeing through a panel door.  Loki crashed onto his knees and wanted to grasp her, but saw the black lines forming all over her. The poison already in her bloodstream.

Odin was dumbfounded. No! This wasn’t supposed to happen! He made eye contact with Ara as she lay on the cold palace floor. She knew as she looked at him. She made the right choice. She couldn’t look up but she heard Loki’s voice. He had become quiet as he spoke to his adopted father. “Asgard will burn for this.”

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