Pudding Fit For A King Chapter 2

Loki teaches Iron Man a lesson on what happens when you come into a Norse god’s domain uninvited.

Written by: Odogoo
Originally posted on WWW.TeamAONN.Com

A Loki X Tony Stark FrostIron Fan Fiction
Pure and Utter Smut | ​Adult Themes | Homosexuality | Orgies

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Tony was gasping for breath as Loki used his magic to press him more against the wall, his body feeling squeezed. He could make a jab back, it would be easy. A fast daddy issues joke. But it wasn’t who he was anymore. While he was always smart, he had finally gotten wiser. This escalating far too quickly, he saw the signs. “We never live up to what we think our fathers want us to be.”

There was honesty in his voice. Loki heard it, the only reason he didn’t make this mortal one with the wall at daring to speak to him again. “What would you know of it.” He said looking at the man, no way of escape, and yet still fighting.

Tony didn’t answer the question, more talking to himself. It may be the best approach in his mind. Don’t direct, deflect. Attack himself, so he may not be attacked. It sounded crazy, but then again he was on another planet. “I never lived up to mine, when he was alive. While my mother said otherwise, I saw it in his eyes. The whole, every mistake I ever made look. I stopped going home to avoid that look.” To this he chuckled, which Loki had to admit confused him. “What I wouldn’t give to see that look one more time.”

“Is this a trick, or are you drunk.” He said, mulling over what this fool was getting at. He took his words, but why would he be telling him this. Is this his grand attempt to get mercy? It was chaotic at best, and a vast failure at most.

“Neither, just a man with more regrets, than I care to admit to.” He said feeling the wall slowly disappear, air returning easily to his lungs. Tony filling them as quickly as he could.

“Someone close to you fell, while you were not on good terms.” Loki said watching the man trying to fill his lungs as quickly as possible.

“My parents were murdered in cold blood, I thought it was an accident a bad one. I found out it was different, and then one of my best friends first didn’t tell me, and also hid the man responsible.” Tony said, while he had accepted Steve’s reasons for doing so, that didn’t change his part in all this.

Tony’s head snapping up when he heard Loki’s voice say, “And here I thought the goody goody was incapable of doing that.”

“Well one never knows what others are capable of I guess, especially the ones we love.”

“More regrets?” Loki inquired, finding his man more interesting than he had hoped. The two of the men talking for quite some time. The party had gone deep into the night, neither of them being missed as they chatted, challenged, and learned from each other.

Loki looking at him amused as the mortal tried to stave off sleep. Loki let out a wide yawn, seeing Tony do it right after, before falling asleep. Loki took off his cape, covering the mortal.  Looking down at him, it seemed so interesting.  What was presented to the world so different then what he held close to his heart his true heart.  He had to admit it reminded himself too much of himself.  He went seeing what he was scanning, smiling seeing what he was trying to find.  “A mind with substance,” he said to himself.

He hesitated for a moment before pressing a kiss to Tony’s lips before leaving him there. He knew when the man awoke he would take what he wanted. To be fair he didn’t much care, he got something out of it.  Sure he could have taken more from the sleeping mortal like a incubus, but not after what he received, understanding. Having that given to him made him feel better as he went to his chambers to find sleep for himself.

In the morning the horns that could be heard through Asgard awoke Tony, him looking around seeing the room empty. The cape falling off his body, him looking at it seeing it was Loki’s. He would have to apologize for falling asleep on him, especially after the talk they had. He couldn’t believe he talked with him about his mother of all things, a deeply person issue.  But for now he needed to meet with the others.  He didn’t notice he left his scanner there leaving to find he way back, ready to leave and have private time to reflect on not only the battle, but himself.

Loki stood on his balcony on his chambers, where he had remained for the remainder of The Avengers’ visit.  It was better this way he told himself as he looked out at the Rainbow Bridge, and their departure met with much fanfare.  He didn’t know why he was feeling the way he was, and it is best that no one see him right now.  This would help him protect himself, as no one else would.

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