Mystery of the Scottish Shores

Tom has more then a few secrets.  Ones in which he doesn't believe anyone could love him.  She shouldn't have gotten this far, this close.  The other shoe will drop, the question is when, and how far?  These rocky shores hiding many secrets.

Story by Odogoo

Tom X OC - Smut in future chapters

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Chapter 1

She must have been crazy I thought. She had to be. Why would she accept my offer? She will run, I know she will. The moment she sees that her fairy-tale isn’t that. That is what I tried to tell her, ey, but would she listen to reason… no. She is strong willed, I like that in my woman, but this time it may not play out in her favor.

All these thoughts and more, are what I had on the journey back from London. It was a long trip, even when we did reach my homeland in Scotland. We took a plane back up, but that only got us so far. We then took a bus, and again only to a point. I kept waiting to see it on her face. The, what have I got myself into look. It was coming I knew it. I had warned her I live near a small village, she said it sounded quaint. Maybe she will realize it won’t by the time we take the car as far as it will go, and will have to take a horse for the rest of our journey to my home.

The wind was kicking up, and land was practically howling. Couldn’t she hear the warnings of run while you had the chance? Run back to where you came from. I become more and more on edge as we approach the village by the sea. I hear her gasp. Here it is, I know it is coming. I am taken off guard as she tells me how beautiful it is. How it is everything she had ever imagined it to be, and more. What was the lass playing at? But I saw no lie in her eyes. No they shown with wonder at the water washed, and tattered village.

It beaten by wind, and water. The smell of the ocean, of salt and fish filled every inch of it, that wasn’t filled by the smell of livestock. We were on no map. It just showing sea line. I feel her hug my large arm as the carriage stops. I take a deep breath. “You can still easily turn back. It will be harder if he leaves.”

I see her look at me. I have seen that look in her face before. I gulp a bit, she is going to protest, she will sound so confident and proud too, silly fool. “Why ever would I leave? You agreed to marry me. It is very quaint.” I keep thinking to myself why did I agree. Maybe it was her passion, maybe because she was so attentive, and soft. Maybe because I wanted a companion, but now I am stuck with this angel, at least for now.

I scratch my thick ginger beard for a moment, before making a head motion that the carriage driver may leave, as he had put her luggage, and my bag on the wooden ingress of the tavern. She hugs my arm, and gives it squeeze. I swear I hear her squeak with excitement. It is lost to me how any of this is exciting. Maybe the townsfolk can help get the lasses head out of the clouds. “Wait out there,” I tell her as I go into the tavern.

I see her face, she didn’t like that. I knew she wouldn’t like what would come next either as I went inside. I greeted the old gruff tavern keeper. He didn’t smile, but his eyes told me he was happy to see my safe return. He liked that I stayed to the point in matter. “Ey need a room fer the night, single bed.” He gives me one of the old slightly rusted but still working keys that had attached to it a slip of leather, with an imprint of a number.

“Aren’t going soft now are ye?” He said in a teasing tone.

“No got meself a lass visitin. Need to clean the place up.” To this I actually get a full on smile.

“Bout time, bring her in. I will see she warm and feed.” He said in a bit more of a welcoming tone. To this I had mixed feelings. I was grateful as I walked away from him that he would be so welcoming. Also though he was meant to be my trump card of making the lass come to her senses. When I come out her arms are around her, the wind having picked up again, a bit of a louder howl. The only thing louder is the sound of the sea crashing with the shore.

She looks up at me and smiles. “Come,” I say as I pick up her belongings and go inside. I see her looking around as we do. It far warmer inside, than out. I could see the tavern owner watching us both walk towards the stairs. The floorboards creaking as we ascend them.

There are a few rooms, and a narrow hall with doors. I know I got her the smallest room, but the bed size will enforce that I won’t be staying the night. Maybe by morning she will wake up from her delusions of me, or this place. I put down her bags to open the door before she insists on helping. The door is more creaky then the floor. She can’t see inside due to my large frame, and small door. I lean down and pick up her bags again, and walk here. “You will stay here the night, I will pick you up in the mornin.”

“You aren’t staying here the night?” I hear her say. I told her I lived a bit off of the town. I am sure she assumed we would rest, and then make the rest of the trek in the morning.

“No, I need to see to a few things, but will be back in the morning.” In truth I was worried, maybe putting it off. I want to at least try and fix up the place a bit. She is still going to run like a banshee but at least I would have tried. I gentle hold her a distance from me to look at her. “The night will go quick I promise.”

I see her eyes already welling up. “But it is our first night together up here.”

I run my hands down her arms taking her small hands in my larger ones. I feel them shiver. She isn’t built for this kind of cold. I bring them to my lips kissing each one in turn. They feel so cold against my warm lips. My body hard fought, and learned how to survive in such unforgiving surroundings. I see her eyes welling even more as I show her my affection. I sigh out her name like a prayer,” Oh Tina. I want to stay. But it is only a night. It will be over soon it is quiet late.” This does not help me, as now they are streaming down her face.

I am looking down at her, her hands in mind. I feel her body make light motions to become closer to mine. I hope what is coming, as I feel her pull her hands from mine and wrap them around my waist. “Please this is a new place. I do not want to be alone my first night.” I put my arms around her gently rubbing her back.

“It won’t be long, you are safe.” I say, my heart hurting. I want her to go, have a good life, but the tears. I cannot, it is probably selfish of me. I know it is selfish of me as I shh, and console her. Putting my head on top of hers. “I got you lass.” I close my eyes. This wasn’t going to be easy. I know she will still run at the sight of what her life with me will be, but then I will be alone with my own feelings. My little lamb is crying, and I know I have the power to stop it. “If I stay the night…” I stop trying to think this over. After a moment I continue,” If I stay the night, then in the morning I will still have to go see to my business lamb.”

This seems to stop a great deal of the quaking, even though she is still crying. She seems to be processing what I have said. I can see her trying to gain a bit of control of her emotions. “Stay?” She said in a shaking tone, me giving a nod as she looked up at me, only to put her head back in my chest to hide her red face, and calm herself. I feel her relaxing, staying after to listen to my heart beat. “I, that, yes.” She was saying between hiccupping breaths.

“That is a good lass,” I encourage, “breathe slow.” I feel her nod, and nuzzle my neck. We spend long moments holding each other. She, holding onto me as if she was lost adrift, and I was the only thing from the ocean pulling her down, and swallowing her hole.

After a while, when she calms, I can see her thinking. Always thinking this one, I didn’t mind I like a girl with a good head on her shoulders. “You could do your errands, and I could do some too.” She said after mulling it over without any discussion with me. No doubt having the discussion in her own head, with me.

“My errands are my own, and they must be done on my own.” I say simply, hoping this doesn’t bring fresh tears.

“I understand Tom, but, but…” she thinks to herself. “But food! You were gone for so long! Surely I could find, and pick up some fresh eggs, and milk, and… and items to resupply the house. It would help me find my way around here, and meet some of the village folk.” She was trying so hard. Did I have the heart to smash her willingness to tell her? In truth no… I wanted to so badly, but her spirt… I couldn’t crush it. It would be crushed, but… in time.

“My smart lamb,” I say to her. “I will give you what you need so you can do that. Things work a wee bit differently here Tina.” I see her nodding, looking like she has calm down, and getting a purpose, a plan, but most of all getting me. “I am afraid that this wee bed is not going to do either of us much good. I will need to see if they got anything else.” I was not taking her home tonight. Too many things, too many risks. I kiss her and tell her to wait in the room while I go down. She moves to the bed sitting, and patiently waiting for me in the room.

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