Milk With Your Tea

After a night of making love. Your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston makes you a naughty breakfast in bed. 

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By Odogoo

Tom Hiddleston X Reader
NC-17 | Adult | Smut | Food Play

Special Thanks to Beta: SilverDragon

The sun crept slowly into the room where you slept. The sun assaulting your eyes, forcing them to groggily wake. You feel a bit sore from last night’s exertions. Since hooking up with Tom it has been like this. He really was insatiable. You weren’t fully sure how you were able to even try and keep up with him.

You lay in his king size been with soft down pillows, but notice your love is nowhere to be seen, but the smell of bacon fills your still groggy senses. You then here someone coming up the stairs. In comes Tom with a tray of breakfast, wearing only a towel wrapped around his lean stomach.

“Morning darling,” he says in that sweet sensual voice. Placing the tray on your lap and kissing you on the cheek. “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

You shake your head, and smile look at the delish pouched eggs on toast. Bacon, sausage, and hash browns. You smile wide at him, and insist he didn’t have to, and tell him how sweet he is.

“It is nothing dear, besides you need to refuel if I am going to make love to you again.” He playfully winks and then gets in bed next to you. Looking on eagerly waiting for you to sample his hard work.

It was truly delicious, although while it was adorable him look at you like an excited child, awaiting approval, it was a bit creepy. He notices you looking for something, and grins. “You truly are adorkable, Tom. Where is the tea love?”

He blushs,”Ehe, oh I am sorry. Silly me I knew I forgot something. “ He gets up out of bed, and returns with a small tea tray. He places it on the stand next to your side of the bed, but remains standing, as if waiting, and watching.

You shake your head, and begin to make yourself a cup of tea. You then noticed that something is missing. You frown, but don’t want to annoy him further and ruin the moment. You hear him clear his throwt, grining, and looking on expectingly, and mistreviously. “Something wrong love.” It looks as if he is trying to stop from giggling. What game was he playing at?

“No love, nothing is wrong just trying to find the milk.” You play his game a bit and look around. You both know you won’t find it. You still hear him giggling, and are about to ask him what is going on when you relies that the towel is barely hanging onto his hips, and it is in a tented position.

“Love what is going on?”

He blushes and looks on at you innocently. “You thought I have forgotten the milk. This is not the cause love.” He takes the cup of tea from your hands and places it back on the saucer on the stand. “I just have some very special milk, for a very special breakfast, for my best girl.” He then pulls, and allows the towel to fall to the ground.

He looks down at you and winks,” I just got to make it for you.” You see him lick the palm of his hand and run it in a circlur motion around his cock head.

You can’t be serious is all you thought, as this loon begins to rub his large hard cock. You roll your eyes, “Thomas…”

He continues to stroke that hard velvet shaft that you love, paying you no mind. So, he was serious is all you thought, and at the sight of him your pussy ached having not healed enough for real affection.

His eyes are fixed on you, gadging every facial response. His tongue darts out from time to time to lick his lips, knowing it drives you mad. His mouth slightly open. His hand goes from just testing his abused head, to running his long fingers along his cock shaft.

“Thomas I am really too sore for this, I will go get the milk…” You move to get up, but his free hand pushes you down.

He firmly looks at you, “No, everything must be perfect.” He bites out never stopping his stimulation of his member.

He runs his fingers over the side of your face, “Besides it is my job to show you how special you are to me.” He takes your hand in his and kisses it.

You see that blush that is on his chest as you watch him. Well if he isn’t going to allow you up, you may as well enjoy the show as you watch him jack off. Soon you see his legs become jittery, almost like a person doing the I need to pee dance. Him dropping your hand as he edges even closer. His tongue darting out as he edges closer, and closer to completetion.

You see his balls starting to pull up, as he quickly grabs the cup, and with a grown you see he does indeed start to unlesh his load into the tea up, milking himself until nothing else comes out. After looking at you, as he lets go of his softening cock with that innocent look.

He takes the stirrer, and mixes the tea, seeing that his seed is intergrated into the tea smiling pleased with himself, and handing it to you. “There you go, perfect, some milk in your tea.”

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  1. Omg wow. That is like my totally weird dream right there. I literally had that in my dream last night. (except Tom was a bit more loki) I’m loving it!!!!

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