Happy Holidays Series: Rabbit Games – Chapter 2 Part 3

Tom, an egg, and the god of mischief, Loki himself... what could go wrong?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X Loki Fan Fiction
Warnings - Loki is Kinky Expect Everything Read At Your Own Risk

Chapter 1: Easter Fools | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 1 | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 2 | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 3

~ April 2 2018 Continued~

The only reason Tom was not on the floor at this moment was due to being impaled by his lover, pressed against this crazy oversized egg he found in his open living room, an the firm handed grip on his magically grown tail. Tom groaned at the feel of cold heat finally inside of him. His eyes slacked. Not closed, but not open.

“Up boy,” Tom barely heard, and then felt a hard squeeze on his rabbit tail. Loki knew the mortal’s body, and mind must be going mad. He loved pushing his lover. The outcome always pleasurable for both of them.

While it gave Loki a feeling of power over Tom. He could get that feeling with any mortal. In the grand view of things, that feeling of power over another meant nothing to him. It was the fact that the person he loved, an respected trusted him enough to relinquish all of it to him that mattered. That he knew that whatever Loki may do to him, he would not hurt him. No matter how much he gripped about it.

He would see he though, as he lightly squeezed an released the man’s tell, feeling a pleasurable milking motions from Tom’s back hole. That his pet, lover, an friend was well cared for, an loved. Loki looking down at the may’s back. He closed his eyes focusing on the feel of just being inside his lover.

Tom wasn’t sure what sounds were coming out of his mouth. All he knew was he was finally full. He felt a utter need to be bread. His feet he tries to push to hold himself up but they were so weak they simply slipped, an he was walking in place. He took a few ghost steps before Loki pulled up. “Silly bun bun,” Tom heard Loki chuckle. Tom moaning, he couldn’t struggle, his body knew it couldn’t, but so did his mind. If he did Loki would stay on the spot.

Tom needed friction, he needed to feel Loki move within him. “Aaaaghhck,” he let out as Loki slowly pulled out of him till it was just his tip within the man. Tom’s fingers extended out, his back tight. His brain screaming over, an over ~ now back in, now back in. ~ until he felt him indeed press back in. As Loki did, Tom making a similar undignified sound.

Loki knew that Tom’s hyper sexual sensitivity would be utterly overwhelming for him. Leaving him at his mercy as he continued the slow rocking motions of pulling out, an pressing back in. Gently grazing his pleasure nub within him. His eyes on his lover watching Tom’s stress level go down, as the pleasure built. Getting what he needed.

The fucking indeed calm Tom. He was too lost in feeling Loki’s hot, yet cool member pumping slowly inside of him. But slowly he needed more. His rabbit ears starting to twitch. Loki noticed the moment they did. Reaching out with his free hand an petting them. “Lokiiii…” Tom pressed out arching his back. He loved the pleasure, but loathed that he gave him rabbit ears, an was now petting them.

Loki rubbed the backside of Tom’s tail in a circling motion, as he continued to pet Tom’s ears. Loki knew Tom liked it by how his hole was pulsing around his hard cock as he worked himself in an out of his lower. “My bun bun,” he purred.

A long grown could be heard in the living room as Tom let one out both from pleasure, an frustration. His cock weeping more pre cum over the egg he was currently pressed against. Loki rolling his hips so Tom’s body does the same against the egg. Why was this bloody thing here anyway? But a hard thus pushed that from his mind, as he felt Loki squeeze his tail as a way to say focus. Could he read his mind? At times he thought he could.

Loki could see he needed to pick up the pace, Tom becoming too relaxed now that he was getting fucked to take the edge off. It was now time to bread his lover. He gently pinches Tom’s rabbit ear, as he also grips his tail an pulls it causing Tom’s ass to go higher as he thrusts back in this time harshly. This causing Tom to scream. “That is it little pet scream for your master.”

He held Tom’s ass up by his tail, an kept doing it, gaining screams that soon turned into load moans from his lover. He knew he wasn’t hurting Tom. He could feel his heat. But just to be double sure, in case it was his confidence blinding him he stopped just for a moment, which garnered him a howl of “DON’T STOP!”

To this Loki smirked, “As you wish.”

The pounding that Tom took was other worldly. One of the other nifty things about this spell was that he strengthened his lover as much as he could, so he could take such a fucking. Tom was in heaven. He had lost count of how many times he had released onto the Egg that he was gripping for dear life.

All good things though must come to a end. An when his sac was completely empty, an straining tight against him. When Loki was holding his body up for him, an was flush against him. As he was to the now warmed egg. Covered an not from his seed. His bunny ears hanging, his whole body was covered in sweat. Only when Loki had completely bread the need to fuck out of his lover did he growl out. “One more time pet. Come one more time for me, an I will give you my release.”

Was Loki mad? Tom felt like his body had nothing else to give. But today seemed to be filled with surprises as Loki reached around grabbing Tom’s balls, an pulling them down, before releasing them. Doing this over, an over until he felt Tom’s release coming. Loki moving erratically as he was going to release. He let go of Tom’s balls, an then went back an squeezed his tail as he released his cold seed into his lover. The feeling of being released into causing Tom to indeed come for Loki one last time. His ass pulsing, an milking the trickster god for all he was worth. “That is it pet take my seed. Take my seed well.” Smiling seeing a gentle green glow on the egg as Tom passed out.

~ To Be Continued ~

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