​​​I Want Your Love – Chapter 1

The story of a young Tom Hiddleston, and live lessons after his parents divorce. He takes a journey of discovery, art, music, and love.

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Written by: Odogoo

A Baby Hiddles X OC Fan Fiction
Fluff | Feels

Tom was so excited as he woke up to the sound of the English summer rain rapping on his window. He had just gotten home from Eton Collage. He didn’t think he would be happy to be home considering the divorce.

He sat up in his bed, and wiped the sleep from his eyes before jumping out of it. It did feel weird not having dad in the house. Hearing him go off to work in the morning. He couldn’t say he liked many things. But he tried his bed to push those thoughts from his head.

Today was going to be different. Rain or not, he was going out. He had saved all year, and he was finally going to get something he had been eyeing. Hoping it may help drown out his feelings, and hurt.

He went to the bathroom, combing his messy mop of curls, and his teeth before going and changing into his day cloths. He goes downstairs, it feeling like the heart of the house is ripped out. It so quiet now, as he goes and makes himself breakfast, before grabbing his backpack, leaving a note for mum, and then leaving the house for the day.

The cool crisp summer rain his him as he walks down the streets of Oxford to the local record store. He takes a deep breath looking into the old store, before opening the door, the bells clinking against the window to sound a costumer as he walks in.

He breathed an internal sigh of relief that the place was not busy. Most of the business having been stolen by the large stores that carried CD’s. Which was one of the reasons he picked this place, having gone here with his mum, when she was younger, and now due to less people, and lower prices. There was the old couple shop owners, one at the counter greeting him, the other always organizing the stock, even if it was already done.

Further back in the narrow store he saw someone about his age flipping through 45’s as he walked up to the desk clearing his throat. “Good morning Mrs. Nutterbarry.” He said to the woman at the table.

She looked at him, it taking a moment to click who it was. As he was now looking straight at her. Someone that the last time she saw him, his curly blond mop was barely visible from over the counter. She smiled at him, “Thomas, it has been too long, how is your Mum, and Da?”

Tom’s face feel at the common place question. “They aren’t together anymore.” He said quietly. The shop keeper getting the hint rather fast, and changing the subject quickly. “What brings you in today Thomas?” She asks hoping to pull him from his sadness.

He looks at the boxes behind her. “I saved up enough for a player.” He said putting his money on the table. Mrs. Nutterbarry looking at it frowning.

“I am sorry Thomas, but we do not sell CD Players you will need to go down the street for that.” She did hate sending him away, especially to a place that had hurt her family business so, but they simply did not have them to sell. She gave him a confused look in turn with the one that he gave her refusing to put his money away, and pointing to something behind her causing her to turn around.

“No Mrs. Nutterbarry I want a record player please. I… I think I have enough.” Tom said looking up at them lining the wall. Seeing the light smile come across the old woman’s face, as she called her husband to the counter. Grateful to get him out of his OCD organizational fit.

“What do you need Mary” He said wiping his hands, looking between her and the boy. She smiles at him. “This young man would like one of our record players.” She said happily, as he smiled at this himself.

“Well then lets get him one. Which color would you prefer Sir?” Mr. Nutterbarry asked.

Tom cleared his throat, and said,” The blue one Sir.” He says as he watches as the man takes one of them off the shelf and puts it on the counter. Tom can see the fine layer of dust on it, as all the boxes had. “Thank you sir.” He said his heart beating a bit faster from excitement.

“Now do you have anything to play on this fine girl?” The old man said looking at him smiling. Tom looking up at him a bit shaking his head so overwhelmed feeling this is really happening. He is really going to own a record player.

“No sir, I um… I didn’t think of that.” Tom said frowning. He had been so excited about finally having enough for the player he had completely spaced the fact he didn’t save anything to purchase something to play on it.

Mr. Nutterbarry looked down at the defeated boy. “Well consider this complimentary with purchase of the player.” He said picking up an album and putting it on top of the back for his wife to ring up.

She did, and Tom thanked them both profusely as she gave him a bag telling him to be careful as he walked back out into the rain. Making his way back home, it feeling like his life was about to change and get better.

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